PATSTV has put together a list of Pateadores alumni who've either continued to play soccer at the collegiate level or higher, or have achieved some kind of coaching status. PATSTV is working towards creating a biography page for each individual. Each biography page will include a brief insight on the players soccer career, from high school through college and beyond, as well as individual "photos" and "videos" pages for each individual. If you have any information regarding the people listed and/or any form of digital media of them, please contact us at If we are missing any alumni from the Pateadores family that has gone onto play at the collegiate level or higher, feel free to email us the information about the player. See which individuals currently have biography pages by clicking on them.



Collegiate Level

Year of Start, Name, School, Position  

1987  Mike Reis  Saint Mary's College of California  GK
1989  Kirk Lane  California State University Dominguez Hills Unknown
1989  David Weidner University of California Irvine  Unknown
1990  Doug Barry  University of San Diego  FW
1991  Mike Alberts  University of California San Diego   Unknown
1991  Jeff Fischbeck  University of California IrvineMID
1991  P.J. Polowski  Orange Coast College  FW
1991  Grant Schick  Santa Clara University  Unknown
1991  Juan Strutton Saint Louis University  Unknown
1991  Ryan Tinsley  Irvine Valley College  MID
1991  Brad Wilson  Irvine Valley College  MID
1991  Jon Szczuka  University of California Irvine  Unknown
1992  Jason Surrell  Azusa Pacific University  MID/DF
1992  David Szekeres  University of California Irvine  MID
1993  Dan Abdalla  University of Las Vegas  GK
1993  Kyle Berger  California State University Fresno  MID
1993  Justin Johnston  California State University Fullerton  GK
1993  Josh Keller  University of California Los Angeles  MID
1993  Sean Novak  California State University Fullerton  DF
1993  Tanner Rupp  University of California Los Angeles  MID
1993  Brian Riggs  Saint Louis University  DF
1993  Danny Sparks  University of California Los Angeles  GK
1993  Jason Szczuka  University of California Irvine  Unknown
1994  Steve Maynard  Duke University  MID
1994  Matt Reis  University of California Los Angeles  GK
1994  Brandon Smallwood  Butler University  Unknown
1994  Alessio Smith  California State University Fullerton  Unknown
1994  Jeff Szekeres  Stanford University  Unknown
1994  Peter van de Ven  University of Notre Dame  GK
1995  Jake Dancy  California State University Fullerton  DF
1995  Chris Linkhorn Seattle Pacific University  DF
1995  Shawn Saunders  California State University Fresno  DF
1996  Todd Abdalla  University of Las Vegas  DF
1996  Matt Blasdel  Gonzaga University  DF
1996  Brian Piesner  Rutgers University of New Jersey  MID
1996  Trent Ulicny  University of California Santa Barbara  GK
1996  Masato Yamazaki  California State Polytechnic University Pomona  Unknown
1997  Ron Davis  California State University Fullerton  FW
1997  Wade Fraser  Southern Methodist University  Unknown
1997  Eric Johnson  California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo  Unknown
1997  Brenton Junge  California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo  GK
1997  Matt Moses  Stanford University  FW
1997  Ryan Pourhassanian  California State University Fresno  Unknown
1997  Nick Purdom  Santa Ana College  MID/FW
1997  Augustine Rodriguez  California Baptist University  FW
1997  Seth Simchowitz  University of California Berkeley  DF
1997  Jason Smallwood  University of South Carolina  Unknown
1997  Andy Valderrama  California State University Chico  Unknown
1998  Byron Foss  Southern Methodist University  GK
1998  Sean Ganey  Vanguard University  Unknown
1998  Bryan Roney  California State University Fresno  DF/FW
1999  Dough Allan  Cornell UniversityGK
1999  Giancarlo Barzotti  University of Tulsa  DF
1999  Danny Califf  University of Maryland  MID
1999  Bryan Doi  Southern Methodist University  MID
1999  Ryan Futagaki  University of California Los Angeles  MID
1999  Mario Gonzalez  University of Tulsa  MID
1999  Tim Pierce  University of California Los Angeles  GK
1999  Nick Sparks  Harvard University  Kicker
1999  Saul Wolf  Wake Forrest University  DF
2000  Darren Doi  University of California Santa Barbara  MID
2000  Matt Elston  California State University FresnoDF
2000  Julian Gaitan  University of Tulsa  FW   
2000Jeremiah Gallegos  University of Cincinnati  MID
2000  Mike Hickman  Santa Clara University  DF/MID
2000  Justin Lang  Concordia University - Irvine  FW
2000  Sem Lopez  Vanguard University  FW
2000  Dan Mosier  Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleDF
2000  Cameron Rossi  University of California Irvine  GK
2000  Chris Ruiz  University of California Irvine  DF
2000  Josh Saunders  California State University Fullerton  GK
2000  Bryce Sebastian  Concordia University - IrvineDF
2000  Bret Weyer  Concordia University - Irvine  MID
2000  Matt WeichertUniversity of Chicago  DF
2001  Erick Foss  Southern Methodist University  GK
2001  Erik Hallenbeck  University of Pennsylvania  DF
2001  Esaul Mendoza  Vanguard University  FW    
2002  Luis Aguilar  Rio Hondo College  DF
2002  Cameron Kolovos  University of San Francisco  MID
2002  Mike Oseguera  University of California Berkeley  GK
2003  Omar Abdelshife  California State University Bakersfield  DF
2003  Ian Sinderhoff  University of Chicago  MID/DF  
2003  Diego Souza  Loyola Marymount University  MID
2003  Kevin WatsonCalifornia State University San Bernardino  MID
2004  Paul Cain  University of California Davis  DF
2004  Julien Cerutti  University of California Davis  MID
2004  Chukwudi Chijindu  University of Connecticut  FW  
2004  Javier Escobedo  Manhattan College  FW
2004  Sean Kardous  Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University  DF
2004  Matt Kristoff  Azusa Pacific University  MID
2004  Nick Lind  University of California Davis  MID
2004  Brian Mason  Saint Mary's College of California  GK
2004  Stryker Matthews  Santa Clara University  FW
2004  Ryan Munoz  University of California Los Angeles  FW
2004  Logan Nicks  California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo  MID
2005  Taylor Aungst  University of California Davis  DF/MID
2005  Ryan Payne  Concordia University - Irvine  Unknown
2005  Alex Proano  Loyola Marymount University  MID
2005  Cory Taylor  University of California Irvine  FW
2005  J.T. Terrazas  University of California Berkeley  MID/FW
2006  Chris Cortez  University of California Berkeley  FW
2006  Chance Myers  University of California Los Angeles  DF/MID
2007  Kevin O'Connor  University of California Irvine  FW
2008 Andrew Casco Vanguard University Unknown
2014  Kevin Engesser  Loyola University Chicago  MID/DF
2015  Hunter Allen  High Point University  Unknown
2015  Hunter Ashworth  University of San Francisco  DF
2015  Pierce Ashworth  Stanford University  GK
2015  Jack Kerins  University of California Davis  DF/MID
2015  Luis Leon  University of California Irvine  MID
2015  Noah Leong  University of San Francisco  DF
2015  Blayne Martinez  University of California Los Angeles  FW
2015  Cole Martinez  University of California Los Angeles  GK

Professional Level

Year of Start, Name, Team Name, Position  

1994  Grant Schick  San Jose Grizzlies  Unknown
1994  Ryan Tinsley  Orange County Percise  MID
1995  David Weidner  FC Homburg  Unknown
1995  P.J. Polowski  Las Vegas Dustdevils  FW
1995  Brad Wilson  FC Saarbrucken  MID
1997  Dan Abdalla  Orange County Zodiac  GK
1997  Jake Dancy  Orange County Zodiac  DF
1997  Shawn Saunders  Colorado Foxes  DF
1998  Josh Keller  Tampa Bay Mutiny  MID
1998  Tanner Rupp  Los Angeles Zodiac  MID
1998  Matt Reis  Los Angeles Galaxy  GK
1999  Brian Piesner  Central Jersey Riptide  MID
2000  Danny Califf  Los Angeles Galaxy  DF
2000  Peter van de Ven  Orange County Waves  GK
2003  Byron Foss  Colorado Rapids  GK
2003  Ryan Futagaki  Chicago Fire  MID
2003  Sem Lopez  El Paso Patriots  FW
2003  Tim Pierce  El Paso Patriots  GK
2003  Josh Saunders  San Jose Earthquakes  GK
2005  Luis Aguilar  Ajax Orlando Prospects  DF
2007  Chance Myers  Ventura County Fusion  DF/MID
2007  Diego Souza  Los Angeles Storm  MID
2009  Chukwudi Chijindu  Chivas USA  FW
2010  Luis Gil  Real Salt Lake  MID
2011  Chris Cortez  Chivas USA  FW 

Coaching Level

Year of Start, Name, Team Name, Position

1989  David Weidner  Capistrano Valley High School  Boys Assistant Coach
1991  Jon Szczuka  Irvine Strikers  Assistant DOC/Boys Director
1993  Sean Novak  California State University FresnoSoccer Camp Coach
1996  Jason Surrell  Bonita High School  Boys Head Coach
1997  Brian Riggs  El Toro High School  Boys Assistant Coach
1999  Dan Abdalla  University of Las Vegas  Assistant Coach
1999  Peter Van de ven  Chapman UniversityAssistant Coach
2001  Erick Foss  Santa Margarita High School  Goalkepper Coach
2002  Wade Fraser  Pateadores  Coaching Staff
2004  Tim Pierce  Santa Monica College  Assistant Coach
2004  Kevin Watson  Arlington High School  Volunteer Assistant Coach
2005  Bryan Roney  El Toro High School  Assistant Coach
2006  Mike Oseguera  California State University Fullerton  Goalkeeper Coach
2007  Jake Dancy  Orlando Sharks  Head Coach
2009  Brian Mason  California State University Fullerton  Volunteer Assistant Coach
2010  Diego Souza  Loyola Marymount University  Volunteer Assistant Coach
2014  Matt Reis  Los Angeles Galaxy  Goalkeeper Coach
2011   Andrew Casco Pateadores Coaching
Unknown  Sean Ganey  Pateadores  Coaching Staff
Unknown  Mario Gonzalez  Pateadores  Head Coach
Unknown  Chris Linkhorn  Eugene Marist High School  Girl's Varsity Coach
Unknown  P.J. Polowski  Strikers FCBU12 Head Coach
Unknown  Brad Wilson  West Coast FC  Boys Head Coach
Unknown  Bret Weyer  Strikers FC  Head Coach

More players, along with biographies, will be added.