The Pateadores believe that the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics and soccer helps develop maturity and self-confidence. We believe that the experiences a player has with the Pateadores will be beneficial throughout their lifetime. The goals of the Pateadores are as follows:

  • To help develop each player to his fullest potential as a person and as a soccer player
  • To provide positive roles models for younger players to emulate
  • To expose Pateadores players to collegiate and professional opportunities
  • To develop National Championship caliber teams


Pateadores is a Spanish slang term that means "kickers". The colors for the Pateadores Soccer Club have been blue and yellow since the start of the club in 1987. The crest was adopted in 1989 and is outlined in yellow surrounding the blue and white crest. The black swan was added to the crest in 1995. This is to symbolize the club's unique style of play, which is aggressive, territorial, and graceful. The swan's segments represent the 4 original founding teams in the club; U19, U17, U16 and U15. The initials at the bottom of the crest, RMO, are a tribute to Robert M. O'Leary, the original Director and Head Coach of Pateadores Soccer Club.


Our goal at PATSTV is to share the intense games that our players endure, as well as their trainings, goals, highlights, and interviews. While capturing all the footage, we keep our players, coaches, parents and scouts in mind.

  • For PLAYERS to view and analyze their individual/team performance.
  • For COACHES to analyze players/team performance and educate players off the
  • For SCOUTS we have footage to view incase they weren't able to make it out to the players game.
  • For PARENTS to be able to enjoy their kids games


Ivan Romero

Adam Alvarez

Michael Serrano